The Success Of The Taliban: Providing The Best Alternative

In a country which has known many foreign intruders playing a dominant but controversial role in politics the state-building process becomes a very fragile and sensitive topic. Afghanistan has evolved in the sandbox for foreign states looking to shape the Middle-East. Corrupt and extractive institutions have digged their own pit in the graveyard of empires. At the same time the Taliban used the growing anger and disillusion of the Afghan people in the hope for improvement in the scattered nation.

Withdrawal Out Of Afghanistan: Ending The American Nightmare To Fulfill An American Dream

Previous President of The United States, Donald Trump, has fulfilled at least one of his campaign promises: The gradual withdrawal of troops out of Afghanistan. Firstly, I will examine the considerations that led to the American counterinsurgency (COIN) in Afghanistan. Then, I will show that over the years the fight has turned into a seemingly lost cause without an end. Donald Trump may be dubbed the worst president in history, however, his decision making is undoubtedly of an assertive and prompt level.

R&D-Stimuli In The UK: TAXIT Or Back It?

The United Kingdom has several policies which are established to stimulate more R&D-expenditure by businesses within the UK. After years of funding, the United Kingdom still lacks behind similar countries. In this article we examine whether this R&D-gap is explained by governmental incompetence or if these policies do work. The Golden Investor finds that the United Kingdom failed in its goals and should be more ambitious.